Corina Oghina - UK Wedding Reportage Images
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Matt Badenoch
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Corina Oghina

UK Wedding Photographer

Hi, I'm Corina: candid and fun Brighton wedding photographer adventuring all over the world!

I've always had a soft spot for photography and felt drawn towards it. As a kid, I used to dig up my grandmother's shoebox full of old photographs. I would stare for hours at photos of people and relatives I never met, trying to build a story around them. What were they like? How was their life? Where would they spend their time? With whom?

This curiosity made me realise I have a passion for people and their stories. I had photography as a hobby for 10 years, doing mostly portraits and street photography. When I started my work as a full-time wedding photographer one year ago, I knew exactly what I wanted: to capture comprehensive life stories that will be meaningful over years to come.

My work is all about capturing a crazy mixture of feelings, emotions and moments that come once in a lifetime. Through my documentary approach, I get to show them as true and raw as they come: tears of laughter, sincere hugs, little gestures that define us or spicy dance moves.

2 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

9 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits