Destination wedding photography by Inokss Ina
1200+ (EUR)

Ina Inokss

Nikolov Studio


Destination Wedding Photographer Masters the Art of Capturing Moments

Ina Inokss is a professional wedding photographer who has been capturing memorable moments since 2018. She graduated from the College of Management, Trade and Marketing - Sofia, and has also honed her skills in post-processing and retouching. Throughout her journey, Ina has participated in various post-processing courses and workshops related to wedding and portrait photography, and has immersed herself in numerous books on the subject. However, her most influential teacher and constant critic is Tihomir Nikolov, with whom she has worked closely for 15 years. Together, they have gained invaluable experience and expertise by attending countless events.

Through her extensive practice and close partnership with Tihomir Nikolov, Ina has gained profound insight into the intricacies of a wedding day. She understands its emotional, unpredictable, and dynamic nature. To be a successful wedding photographer, Ina believes one must possess a multitude of qualities including creativity, empathy, adaptability, patience, effective communication skills, attention to detail, professionalism, and a responsible attitude.

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