Mathieu Hebbada Wedding Photography
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Mathieu Hebbada

On The Spot Photography

My interest - if not my obsession - for photography dates back to a trip to the east coast of the United States in 2008.

I sometimes hear that photographers don't take advantage of the present moment because they are distracted by their camera. In my eyes, it's quite the opposite: analyzing the most ordinary scenes and trying to sublimate them while remaining faithful to their authenticity is a formidable exercise in attention that mobilizes our sense of empathy.

The pleasure I take in immortalizing these moments is comparable to the one I felt when I spent long hours trying to capture pokemon on my Game Boy: I see photography as a game that I never get tired of... And for more than ten years, I devote myself to it at the slightest opportunity, while striving to avoid falling into a prosaic and clichéd result.

And even if traveling is a real breath of fresh air for inspiration and creativity (I took pictures in around twenty countries), I remain driven by the conviction that beauty is everywhere and that it is offered to those who want to watch it. So I enjoy taking pictures just as much around the corner as I do on the other side of the world.

I am also passionate about foreign languages ​​and speak fluent English, Spanish and Russian. Knowledge of Portuguese, Romanian, and Mandarin enriches this panel… So don't be surprised by the variety of my clientele when you browse my gallery!

3 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography