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Samantha Pastoor

Samantha Pastoor Photographe

The photo is like the magic potion: I fell into it when I was little!

I was fascinated by my father's photos and kept asking him to lend me his camera.

Suffice to say that at the time, it was only film photographs, so you had to be a little more patient.

And then, over the years, I continued to live my passion by developing my own negatives: the magic of the lab!

So it's only natural that I've been living photo for a long time! (No, I won't tell you my age!)

​First a shooter-filter in the era of film, then photo-journalist, today I take photos in the field of portraiture, fashion, and then a lot as a wedding photographer, my sin. cute!!

I created my freelance photographer activity in 2011 to live fully from my passionate profession and I am still dazzled by all these magical moments that people have been able to give me!

​I love photographing happy people, unusual and fun atmospheres, feeling the shared emotion these days of marriage and festivities!

So I dwell on the small details, I take pictures on the spot and propose the pose, casually, just to tell your D-Day and keep an unforgettable memory, all in the joy and the good mood!

So, we can say that my photographic style is rather journalistic, ideal for telling the story of your day, but with a concern for aesthetics and romanticism enough present to leave you with a superb memory of your wedding.

In short, I love beautiful emotions, life, the real one!

2 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

21 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits

3 Awards from the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists