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Jorge Santiago

Jorge Santiago Photography

I moved to the U.S. with my wife in 2010 so she could begin graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh. I started Jorge Santiago Photography LLC as a young and eager immigrant, and I carry that immigrant ethos of hard work and dedication. I am dedicated, passionate, loyal, and tireless, and I approach each wedding with great respect and care. I am always sure to get enough sleep, eat well, and treat the wedding day like the epic, exhilarating marathon it will be. I take it as seriously as you do.

I also help you keep it light, fun, and flowing. I am happiest and most comfortable with a couple of cameras slung over my shoulder, in the middle of the action, and I’ll lift the weight of documenting your family, love, and experience from your shoulders and help make it joyous. I go with the flow, improvise well, and see each wedding as a piece of jazz: perhaps built of similar materials, but with all of its own style and riffs.

I produce heirloom-quality photos that evoke timeless emotion through the specific details of each couple’s experience. As a photojournalist at a local daily newspaper, my job was to operate swiftly and masterfully behind the scenes to get the shots that would best illustrate a particular event. I bring this quickness, subtlety, and journalistic eye to my weddings.

As the manager of the black-and-white darkroom at one of Mexico’s top photography museums, I developed the work of world-renowned photographers. I had to bring expert skill, technique, and care to each photo. As a wedding photographer, I treat my images with the same reverence and attention to detail.