Taranto wedding photography by Francesco Gravina of Apulia, Italy
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Francesco Gravina


I am a destination wedding photographer.

Over the years I focused on the world of weddings and from 2006 I finally started to express my ideas and creativity through reportage photography, or known as photojournalism.

Exchanges, workshops, and collaborations with other colleagues in recent years, led me to the conclusion that much heart, and an almost invisible presence of the photographer during the event, creates best results for a real wedding reportage.

A beautiful picture is something so subjective. It doesn’t have to be technically perfect to be beautiful, yet it needs to be able to re-evoke unique moments and feelings. In one single image, there is so much to say and, even more, transmit to those who look at it, again and again in time.

I am a very sensitive person, one of those lucky who get excited while waiting of the bride, or enchanted in front of a kiss at the sunset. And I like to get involved emotionally in front the love stories of my couples, this is the secret of the success of my “Photo Wedding Stories”.

14 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

7 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits

19 Awards from the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists

2 TOP Wedding Photographer Titles

The WPJA proudly recognizes Francesco Gravina as a TOP International Wedding Photographer. Members holding the most contest points at the end of each year are ranked as TOP Wedding Photographers or, in some cases POY - Photographer of the Year.

3 Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Francesco Gravina.

Married: 9 years ago

Jan & Maria

Dear Francesco, It has been a month when Jan and I made our vows to each other. When we look back on our photos, it’s like reading the book of our great love story. The photos will always remind us how happy and emotional we were and how much fun everybody had. The joy of sharing the pictures and memories with family and friends increased when everyone said to be sincerely impressed by the beauty of our pictures. The creativity and attention to detail you possess shines through in all our photos. In a natural way, you have captured perfectly the beauty and spirit of the most special day of our lives. Thank you for transforming our wedding photos into works of art. Francesco, you are an excellent photographer; you have a great eye to capture a romantic scene and mood. Next to that, you are great to work with: friendly, enthusiastic, sharing emotions … We are happy to know you and to have you as our photographer. The best compliment we can give you is advising you to people we know, what we will do gladly. Thank you for giving us such beautiful memories of our wedding. Sincerely, Jan & Maria

Married: 9 years ago

Mario e Rosa

Dear Francis, I waited 18 years before making the greatest and most demanding promise of my life before God. Your presence that day was precious and enriched our memories. I wished for my wedding special photos, natural poses and an "invisible" professional who knew how to capture moments and emotions. You did great! You are not a simple photographer, you are a creator of emotions ... a real Artist. When I saw your photos I was not prepared for what awaited me: see with my heart in the photos of my marriage happiness, emotion, simplicity, tenderness, fun and the purest and most disarming joy. I cried ... in your photos you captured our love, the pure and real. As soon as you met, you immediately handed me competence, professionalism and joy. I was struck by the availability, the understanding that has been created and your discretion. You were so discreet that when we saw the pictures we wondered when I had taken ... you managed to capture the main moments and the most hidden, all with spontaneity! Your photos are natural and dynamic, each of them interprets the moment and transmits it without filters, without architects. You have gathered moments, moments, glances and smiles ... the bright eyes of our brothers, the proud gaze of our parents. So much nostalgia for that day, but thanks to you, your photos and the precious album we have the opportunity to relive it when we want. Thank you so much. Rose

Married: 10 years ago

Zana e Alessandro

An excellent judgment for an excellent, discreet, professional and punctual service. If you go back to remarry, I would choose another 1000 times TE, you have fully satisfied those that were our needs and you have been able to adapt to the various situations throughout the day without asking us spouses time to devote to scheduled shots or standard poses. All this without lowering the quality of the photo shoot by just one percentage point, which, on the contrary, is more beautiful than any rosy forecast, natural shots, stolen moments, moments immortalized by the passion and professionalism of a man who has made of photography his lifestyle. Infinitely THANK YOU