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Stefano Ferrier
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Stefano Ferrier

Wedding Photojournalist

Hi, I’m Stefano Ferrier, sole photographer based in Milano, Italy.

I work in Italy, Europe and worldwide.

I’ve started my photography career in 2010, after various vicissitudes I went on to learn my studies in Photography from the Italian Institute of Photography, since 2000 to present a school leader in the field of vocational training in Italy.

The studies about story of photography were for me a discovery on what had happened since 1839 up today; then I laid down the basics for my vocational path, a path that never ends since there are always new things to learn.

There's also a lesson in every Wedding story.

My beloved style is photojournalism, I love spontaneous and evocative emotions, sometimes i try to convert these moments in a creative beautiful way to capture things differently, I always challenge myself.

Art has an advantage over the observed reality, has the power to transform it and surpass it.

9 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

5 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits

4 Awards from the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists

True Love Captured Awards from Real Weddings - TLC

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Married: 5 years ago

Alessandro e Viviana

Dear Stefano, you were exactly what we were looking for... Poetic look images, fun and full of feeling... You has been really capable , professional and flexible, you really took our vision. You wished for us a wonderful and memorable experience during our Wedding shoots. Now, because of your work, we have memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you Alessandro e Viviana