Grand Est Wedding Photography by Pierre Saint Remy of the France WPJA
1100+ (EUR)

Pierre Saint Remy

Meuse Mariage Photographer


Photographer Specializes in Wedding, Family, Couple, & Corporate Shoots

Wedding photographer (and lifestyle) since 2021, and my life is focused on images since 2013. At this time, I started a master’s degree in Sweden (which I finished in France in 2015) and I decided to mainly focus on images (photography, video, and multimedia production). In 2016 I started to work in the French army as a communication officer, a significant part of my time was dedicated to being on the field (for exercises or operations abroad) and reporting what was happening with my cameras. When I decided to leave the army and build a family, it was clear that I needed a job with intensity, action and emotion. From there, it became quite clear that a wedding photographer was the best choice to combine my needs and my personal life. At the time I write this bibliography (January 2022), 51 couples trusted me to create memories of their wedding day, memories that they will keep for a lifetime. It is both an honor and a sincere pleasure for me.

1 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

6 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits