At-Home Backyard Garden Ceremony, Shanghai, China Elopement Photo Story Award

bride and groom had small wedding at their uncles backyard villa, making the at home ceremony simple

The father's heart swelled with pride as he watched his daughter marry the love of her life in the sun-drenched at-home outdoor ceremony

The bride's father gazed at his daughter as the groom read his vows during the outdoor wedding ceremony.

Wedding plans had been shattered weeks just before tying the knot after their venue was turned into a quarantine hotel. The bride and groom then decided to hold a small wedding at their uncle’s villa. Though the ceremony was rather simple like a family gathering, one of their best friends being the host, the couple put a lot of effort into the special event which made the whole wedding look particularly warm and romantic.

The Shanghai China bride walks past Chinese character double happiness shadows on ground

The bride in Shanghai China walked past double happiness as the Chinese character shadow embraced her while she prepared for her wedding

The bride, with a mood of "double happiness" as indicated by the Chinese character "囍", was ready and walking past the window in the room.

Shanghai, China bride was happy upon receiving the traditional red packets from groom's parents

The bride beamed with joy upon receiving the traditional red packets from the groom's parents in Shanghai, China

The bride was ecstatic upon receiving the red packets from the groom's parents.

A Shanghai, China bride wrote her wedding vows with pen at a table

In Shanghai, China, the bride proudly crafted her wedding vows with a pen in hand, seated at a table

Sitting at a table, the bride carefully wrote out her ceremony words by hand.

Shanghai China wedding guests watched as groom and father of bride embraced in a hug

The guests watched as the groom and father-in-law embraced in a hug to complete the traditional handover at a Shanghai China wedding ceremony

The groom and father-in-law embraced in a hug to complete the handover, with guests watching.

A Shanghai China bride clapped at father's emotional speech at her wedding

Amid the joyful clapping, the bride looked to her teary-eyed father, her heart swelling with emotion as he concluded his heartfelt speech at her Shanghai China wedding

While clapping, the bride glanced at her father while tears streamed down his face after his brief speech.

Shanghai China couple laughing as close friend told funny stories at their wedding

Shanghai China saw the couple in raptures as their closest companion regaled them with amusing anecdotes at their wedding

The couple was overjoyed while their common friend shared their funny stories.

A Shanghai, China, after-party wedding reception party with friends at a backyard venue at night

In Shanghai, China, a wedding was followed by a carefree after-party with friends, held in an uncle's backyard beneath lights

Nothing is more wonderful than a carefree after-party with friends.

a firework show at the Shanghai China night wedding reception party

The groom prepared a firework show at the Shanghai China wedding and the bride's birthday at the uncles backyard reception party night

The groom secretly prepared a firework show to celebrate both their wedding day and the bride's birthday.