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Page Last Updated January 8th, 2020

Maratea Hotel Villa del Mare Wedding Venue Photos | Bride and groom before cutting of the cake
Wedding Photography by Luca Panvini, Rome, Italy

Policastro Gulf Wedding Venue | Hotel Spa Villa del Mare

"To celebrate at best the most beautiful day of your life, the Spa Hotel Villa del Mare is pleased to provide one of the most picturesque locations in the Policastro Gulf. The hotel enjoys panoramic rooms and restaurants that overlook the pristine Porticello Bay that still evokes the historic port of Carducci.

The spacious terraces overlooking the sea with its swimming pools you can organize your wedding customizing it according to his wishes. You can also choose to start the festivities at the hotel arriving by sea on board of an old sailing ship. The cuisine of high quality and a rich choice of dishes will allow you to compose your wedding menu. The restaurant is the heart of the Hotel Spa Villa del Mare.

The hotel management is pleased to offer, at its own SPA, a relaxing day to eliminate the stress with a hot bath in the pools with seawater and then relax with energizing massage. All this (and more) makes the best day of your life that you and your guests will never forget."