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Page Last Updated September 7th, 2022

Zeche Zollverein Essen wedding couple in industrial wagon
Wedding Photography by Nadine Lotze, Hagen, Germany

Casino Zollverein - North Rhine-Westphalia Wedding Venue

The colliery Zollverein was an active from 1851 to 1986 hard coal mine in Essen.

It is today an architectural and industrial monument - Casino Zollverein, Essen wedding venue. Together with the directly adjacent coking plant Zollverein, the sites 12 and 1/2/8 of the coal mine have been UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2001. Zollverein is the anchor point of the European Route of Industrial Heritage.

Schloss Diersfordt in Wesel, Germany during Couples First look in the Location
Wedding Photography by Patrycja Janik, Mülheim, Germany

Schloss Diersfordt, a Castle Hotel in North Rhine-Westphalia for Weddings

"Whether 30 or 300 guests...
... for family celebrations such as weddings, christenings, communion, confirmation, birthdays, anniversaries or for company events such as company anniversaries, Christmas parties, training courses or product presentations:

We are a private castle and specialize in celebrations and events for families or companies. That is why we can offer the appropriate, stylish setting that you have imagined and make Diersfordt Castle your castle.

"Your castle. your feast. Your day."
Your wedding is something unique: the most beautiful day of your life with a lavish celebration as the crowning highlight that all your guests will fondly remember.

That's why Diersfordt Castle is your castle on this day. Our team, with many years of experience, works professionally for you in the background and always has an open ear for all your wishes.
You can concentrate fully on your role as host - because you know your guests best. This interplay between you as a 'good host' and us as 'serving spirits' is what makes your wedding celebration an unforgettable experience."

Grand Est Home wedding photography showing that Everyone wanted to dance
Wedding Photography by Patrycja Janik, Mülheim, Germany

Zur Mühle Bocholt Wedding Venue

"Our rooms can be divided into different sizes. For larger events such as weddings, we offer space for up to 200 people. Are you going to have a celebration soon? Contact us and we will be happy to make an appointment with you."

Zeche Fürst Leopold Dorsten bride and groom industrial portrait
Wedding Photography by Nadine Lotze, Hagen, Germany

Creativ Quartier Fürst Leopold - Germany Event Location

"Zeche Fürst Leopold in Dorsten - named after Nikolaus Leopold Fürst zu Salm-Salm, merchant and hereditary member of the Prussian manor house, who held the mountain shelf at the time the colliery was founded, i.e. had the right to dispose of the mineral resources. From 1913 to 2001 coal was mined at the Zeche Fürst Leopold. The long operating time and the associated constantly new requirements for the buildings and technical facilities are still reflected in the picture of the mine.

Today the "CreativQuartier Fürst Leopold" is located on the site of the former colliery, which not only houses a lot of art and culture but also various gastronomic facilities. The area with its buildings is used in such a way that the creative charm of the mining facilities is often integrated as a backdrop and part of today's use without major structural changes. The CreativQuartier has become a trendy district that is well-known beyond the borders and thus an ever greater attraction for the entire region."

More on CreativQuartier Fürst Leopold's Facebook page.

Wedding Venue Location: Landhaus Spatzenhof Wermelskirchen | photography of dancing kryptonite men
Wedding Photography by Nadine Lotze, Hagen, Germany

Meetings and Weddings at Landhaus Spatzenhof Venue

Hotel Landhaus Spatzenhof has the perfect setting for your wedding event. As part of your planning, they organize a pre-wedding dinner several times a year.

At this event, you will get to know service providers, artists, and their team.