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Page Last Updated January 1st, 2020

Prieuré de Taluyers wedding day portrait of the bride and groom against stone wall.
Wedding Photography by David Pommier, Lyon, France

French-Style Garden Weddings With Views of the Loire Valley | Château Le Prieuré

Le Prieure, Taluyers Wedding Venue

"Their authenticity and their historical character will make your guests experience exceptional moments. Whether you are planning an intimate or grand event, such as weddings, conventions, client events or seminars (non-exhaustive list), we have the most suitable place.

The Priory accommodates up to 240 people in seats (around 25 tables), flexible according to the arrangement of the tables and the needs of the assembly.

We have different rooms depending on your needs:  the Guardroom has a capacity of 60 to 80 people (8 tables), the Monks' Kitchen room from 40 to 50 people (5 tables), the Oven room Bread from 24 to 30 people (3 tables), and the Stables room from 64 to 80 people (8 tables).

The Priory of Taluyers hires out its domain with its gardens for the organization of your events.

We are delighted to organize your event within our heritage. Founded in 999, the Priory was reunited by a single family, then by a single man since 1962. The heritage has retained all the charm and authenticity of the buildings of the 12th century."