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Page Last Updated November 17th, 2020

A Lodzkie wedding photographer captured this image at the Best Western Podklasztorze in Sulejow, Poland - Disguised as Elvis, the musician chases the bride during one of the wedding dances
Wedding Photography by Piotr Maksa, Lodz, Poland

Best Western, Hotel Podklasztorze Romantic Wedding Venue

"Hotel Podklasztorze is one of the most romantic and magical places in central Poland. The exceptional location of the majestic Hotel near the blue river, in the middle of the former Pilica forest, makes it a perfect venue to organize the most important day of your lives.

Moreover, an antique, Romanesque St Thomas of Canterbury’s Church is situated in the Hotel courtyard. This extremely romantic temple will certainly make your wedding acquire a unique character.

The possibility of arranging a marriage ceremony and a wedding all in one place is an obvious advantage of Hotel Podklasztorze. The extraordinary setting of a ceremony in a post-Cistercian temple, solemnized by a monk, and later wedding at the Hotel courtyard only 100m away from the church will make the day unforgettable in the eyes of your guests."