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Page Last Updated June 6th, 2023

At Villa Subaglio in Merate, Italy, the bride and groom shared a romantic kiss during dinner, visible through the window to observers outside at the captivating blue hour
Wedding Photography by Alessandro Arena, Varese, Italy

Lecco wedding images from Villa Subaglio in Merate

A majestic gate at Villa Subaglio, Merate will be the entrance frame for your wedding guests, who will walk through the vegetation of the park among secular trees and endless gardens an avenue of over a kilometer to reach the foot of the villa.

Along the way, they will be able to admire the splendid panorama of Mount Resegone and the view of the eye on Milan and the great Plain.

The lucky ones will be able to admire the fauna of the park among hares, squirrels, and fallow deer.

Villa Lattuada, Italy wedding couple artistic image session with a feeling that the observer spies on this couple while going down the steps of the villa that hosts them, he pauses for a moment of intimacy
Wedding Photography by Michela Bocciarelli, Milan, Italy

Villa Lattuada, an Enchanting Wedding Venue

Villa Lattuada is located on the hills of Brianza, just a few kilometers from Milan. It is a precious historical jewel, surrounded by a large park and a unique natural landscape, making it the perfect place for any wedding.

The villa offers a wide selection of services, including catering, flower arrangements, music and performances, to make any wedding unique. The staff is knowledgeable and experienced and will work with couples to help them create a memorable event.

The park of Villa Lattuada offers a spectacular backdrop for the wedding. The large green lawns, the majestic trees and the romantic lake complete the entire setting, creating a truly magical atmosphere.

Villa Lattuada is an enchanting wedding venue, offering couples a unique and unforgettable experience. With its breathtaking natural scenery and its elegant interior spaces, the villa is the perfect place to host a fairytale wedding. The experienced staff provides couples with the best services and amenities to make any wedding a truly special event.

Outdoor wedding ceremony photo at the Castello di Vezio Lago di Como - Bride and groom walking out after the ceremony
Wedding Photography by Luigi Rota, Lecco, Italy

Wedding Venue - Vezio Castle of Lake Como, Italy

Outdoor wedding photography in the gardens.

"In the center of Lake Como, on the promontory overlooking Varenna, the Vezio Castle has stood for more than a thousand years, an ancient military outpost of low medieval origin erected to defend and control the lake and surrounding villages by the Lombard queen Teodolinda. Located in a militarily and commercially strategic place which dominates the entire center of Lake Como and therefore inhabited since the Iron Age, the Castle was associated in the past with the village of Varenna and connected to it by two long arms of walls that surrounded it to the lake, protecting the town and its inhabitants in the frequent wars and looting that shook the territory throughout the Middle Ages. Partially restored in the mid-twentieth century, today the Castle has a square-based watchtower, accessible via a small drawbridge and open to the top, surrounded by a first quadrangular wall with a partial corner tower. Immersed in the greenery of one of the most northern olive groves in the world, thanks to the effect of thermoregulation of the lake's waters, the Castle, open and open from March to November, occasionally hosts exhibitions of works of art of various kinds in the garden and permanently, inside the tower, an exhibition on the Lariosaurus, a prehistoric marine reptile that came to light for the first time in the world a few hundred meters from the Castle. With its partially visited basements, the statues scattered in the garden, the "ghosts" and the birds of prey of our small falconry center, the castle merges, in a context of unparalleled natural beauty, with art."