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Keta Shrine  and ShowaOnsen Shirakabaso - Photos of the Love of grandma and bride.
Wedding Photography by Takafumi Iikura, Tokyo, Japan

Shrine Weddings in Japan

Keta Shrine, Hakui City Wedding Venue

"Shinto shrine which Toshiie and Matsu loved, now eternal love.

Noto Kuniichinomiya and Kidai-sha are the protection and control of Toga, the father of the Kaga feudal lord Maeda. It was revered as the greenest shrine in Noto, which was emphasized in the territory as Toshiie described the word "Nogakoshi". In addition, Masamitsu Matsuri, who supported Toshiie with a natural body, prayed for illness in her family and frequently asked for a prayer for recovery. Toshiie and Matsu, a memorial of a well-coupled couple in Kozawa, are now celebrating their new beginnings.

A collection of rare traditional wedding gowns from the Kyoto origin, including the hand-painted yuzen engraved with lacquer, real gold leaf, and honkai raden.

For two hours until the bridegroom or bride is born, the dressing of the costume you choose will not collapse, be painless, and be beautiful.

Hair and makeup tailored to the individuality and wishes of the two, the groom is refreshing and dignified, the casual cool styling and the bride are glossy and elegant.
Coordinates widely and flexibly from natural style, mode style, classical style, etc. hair to elegant Japanese hair wigs.

When you wear your longing wedding gown, your love will be eternal. Okumiya is enshrined in (National Natural Monument), and it is a sanctuary called "No-Mori no Mori"."