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Page Last Updated December 8th, 2020

Aracruz bride and groom cheering with family and friends at the wedding reception at Sítio Santa Clara
Wedding Photography by Kássio Silva, Espirito Santo, Brazil

Espirito Santo Wedding Venue in Aracruz - Sitio Santa Clara

Sitio Santa Clara, Aracruz wedding event photos - "If you were looking for an ideal place to have a good time with your family, friends or coworkers, you just found it.
Sítio Santa Clara is located in Cupido 4 Km from the center of Aracruz / ES. The site has an area of ​​40,000m², great structure for events,
weddings, birthdays, corporate get-togethers, a moment of reflection of your church, etc."

With everything the place has in store especially for you and your guests!"