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Page Last Updated May 22nd, 2019

Parco di Montebello - Salvarano wedding photographer - A toast with friends at the reception dinner party
Wedding Photography by Edgard De Bono, Padua, Italy

Wedding Day Images from Italian Venue Parco Di Montebello

Parco Di Montebello is the perfect setting for couples who want a unique and enjoyable wedding day experience. With over 700 square meters of indoor and outdoor space, Parco Di Montebello can comfortably host up to 200 guests. The flexible spaces allow couples to customize their setup according to their needs and preferences. Couples have the choice of having a banquet under the vaults of the old stable, an aperitif at sunset with a view of the Emilian hills, and dancing under the stars on the farmyard. Should there be bad weather or strong winds, couples can rest assured that the staff can quickly move the event indoors for a perfect and carefree wedding day. Parco Di Montebello is a great option for couples looking for a unique, memorable, and enjoyable wedding day experience.