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Getting married in Como? Find the top Como wedding photographers via their award-winning images from the Como wedding venues featured below.

Page Last Updated September 23rd, 2021

View this graceful Castello di Pomerio image of a sweet kiss under the veil by the vintage car, which was a featured picture among the best wedding photography from the WPJA
Wedding Photography by Luigi Rota, Lecco, Italy

Castle Pomerio Wedding Venue, in the Countryside and in the Hills of Brianza

"The Pomerio Castle, located in the Brianza hills, is an enchanting location for weddings, ceremonies and corporate events. A fascinating medieval castle, built in the fourteenth century and excellently restored in the seventies, will be the perfect setting to crown your dream of love in an intimate and reserved way. 

The wide spaces of the castle will allow you to celebrate the most important day of your life, both outdoors and indoors, and to pronounce the fateful "Yes" inside the structure, with a valid civil ceremony. The Pomerio Castle is characterized by splendid mullioned windows, by a Lombard tower and by a green park, which surrounds the three sides of the building.

The splendid rooms, with ancient sacred frescoes, stone walls and noble coats of arms, can accommodate up to 300 guests. Pomerio Castle is also a popular destination for those who love the magic of the colder months and increasingly opt for a winter ceremony."

Cascina La Rosa, Fino Mornasco bride and bridesmaid play with dog
Wedding Photography by Massimiliano Beccati, Milan, Italy

B&B Cascina Le Rose - Lake Como Wedding Venue

Be it a wedding, a special event or a corporate event, Cascina Le Rose is the perfect venue for your special day. Situated just 5 minutes away from the highway and Como, Cascina Le Rose is an oasis of tranquil beauty, set amongst 20,000 square metres of lush parkland. The flower garden, the forest and the swimming pool will all make the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos.

This elegant and welcoming location has been designed with attention to detail, offering a simple and original style to create a unique atmosphere for your special day. With capacity for up to 200 people, Cascina Le Rose offers a range of spaces for you to choose from, including a spacious veranda surrounded by greenery, a large park with swimming pool, and a new relaxation area with brazier. Make your event unforgettable with Cascina Le Rose.