Are you planning a short-notice, small wedding or elopement?

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIOS ARE OPEN - Many couples don’t want to wait. They are planning to get married in the very near future, eloping, or rushing a small ceremony with their photographer, some close friends, and family but dispensing with or postponing the reception party. 

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Wedding photography by Joanna Figarska of Look at me Photo Studio
Photo by: 
Kalina Żaczek
1200+ (EUR)

Joanna Figarska

Look at Me Photography

I have gained experience over many years not only by photographing but also by organizing photo competitions and vernissages - both for young photographers and my own.

In photography, I am primarily interested in the human being and his relationship with the other person, the photographer, the space in which he is at a given moment. Therefore, I approach my work, which is both an amazing adventure and a great passion, very carefully. I suggest meeting each couple or family before the wedding session or ceremony to get to know their idea of ​​photography better. I am open to everyone, even the craziest idea. It is important that the photos meet your expectations.

I completed a photography course at the Center for Creative Arts in Wrocław , a studio photography course "Fashion / Portrait / Postproduction in Warsaw, organized by the TODOBRYKURS.PL company. Recently, I took part in a two-day photo workshop organized by the Nikon Academy. I am currently at the stage of printing my photo book entitled "If we lived in the forest." However, digital photos are not enough. Since 2011, I also deal with black and white analog photography.

Photography is my passion, everyday life, but not only is it the answer to the question of who I am. The first love that lifted me high above the earth was and is literature. Prose, poetry, magazines - I can't live without words. I am totally addicted to letters, sentences, written stories. I graduated in Polish philology, where for five years I could read and soak up the worlds presented by the authors with impunity. At the other extreme, there are journeys, which are also closely related to photography. Even when I go on vacation, I always have a camera with me. My dream for the near future - definitely Italy and Greece.

I also explore the world through culinary travels, I always try to cook as many colorful dishes as possible at home. It is a lot of fun for me to combine seemingly contradictory spices and ingredients. I am also lucky because I can share my culinary delights with my friends, without whom my everyday life would be much poorer. Same as without my dog ​​- Luna's mongrel. The youngest of my passions is the garden, a space to which I am still growing and still getting to know - the best proof of this is my small, private balcony covered with flowers and plants.

1 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits