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Jonathan Moore

Wedding Photojournalist

My work as a photographer began back in 2008 as a sports photography intern at Getty Images. As a freelancer, I covered baseball, football, basketball, rowing, tennis, and motorsport.

My experience at Getty sharpened my eye for composition, light, and timing. The technical challenges were amazing, but as time passed, the nature of the work became impersonal and systematic. Another touchdown, another home run, another victory lane… I was just one of a gang of photographers trying to capture the same moment. I felt like my life’s work was becoming a commodity. I growingly became frustrated and disillusioned with my professional journey.

Something had to change.

Then it hit me. How can I be truly passionate about my work when I don’t have any personal connection whatsoever with the people that I'm covering? As a sports photographer, I was always at arm's length from my subjects – leaving me without the ability to truly relate to what they were feeling.

At that moment I knew I wanted to work one-on-one with my subjects. There is something so gratifying about capturing two people madly in love, handing them the images and then hearing how their experience brought them even closer in their relationship. This is the joy that wedding photography brings me and it is why I have chosen to dedicate my life to this work.

It would be an honor to hear from you!

2 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

3 Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Jonathan Moore.

Married: 11 years ago

Elias and Diane

I wanted to thank you again for the amazing job you did photographing our wedding. The photos came out better than I could ever imagine! It was a pleasure having you at the wedding. You made everyone feel comfortable, as if a life long friend was casually taking pictures. NOTHING like the rude and invasive photographers I've experienced at other weddings. How you managed to capture all the key moments of our fast paced ceremony from so many great angles is mind boggling!

Married: 12 years ago

Mark & Iryll

Mark and I received the CDs of the pictures. They are WONDERFUL!! You are very, very talented, and we are very pleased with your work. We plan on recommending you highly to everyone we know.

Married: 12 years ago

Vania & Mike

I've been getting such great feedback about your photos, everyone is wowed by your photography! Thanks a bunch Jonathan!