Adventure elopement and wedding photography by Mike Kory
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Lucy Schultz Photography
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Mike Kory

Bonnie Photo

Michael is associate photographer at Bonnie Photo. However, his most important roles are as Bonnie’s husband-extraordinaire and co-parent to their two strange dogs, Sylas and Rowena.

Mike is much more photogenic than Bonnie, which Bonnie is infinitely grateful for!

Mike’s skills include:

Mechanical Engineering (his day-job)
Making everyone around him feel comfortable and at-ease
Making Bonnie laugh

7 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

1 Awards from the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists

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Leadville, CO wedding image of the bride and groom with donkeys at FREIGHT

Married: 1 year ago

Kae and Reid

Bonnie & Mike We can't thank you enough for making our wedding weekend so incredibly special. Besides being kick-ass photographers :), you both are the most fun, thoughtful, and generally awesome people, and we've had such a great time getting to know you. Thank you for our amazing pre-wedding surprise box... that was such a perfect way to spend our evening, and we really appreciate you sneaking that over to us :) And thank you for all the million little ways you helped our day go smoothly, and of course, for capturing it all for us. I hope we can stay in touch moving forward! :) <3 Kae & Reid