BW studio portrait of Valentin Napoli, photographer of wedding moments and highlights
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Valentin Napoli

Valentin Napoli - Photographer of High Moments

I am Valentin, a professional photographer in the Nantes region, and the happy father of a little girl, but also a big fan of fun video culture, popular science on YouTube, musical composition and game design. I like board games, I eat organic and I am sensitive to ecology...

I remember a family summer in the Alps. I was about ten years old and my father had bought me a disposable camera. I had neither photographer in my entourage, nor photographic culture. However, I applied myself to taking "artistic" photos, at ground level, working on my plans, etc.

It wasn't digital, so I didn't see my shots instantly, but it was exhilarating to imagine them. In reality, the development of the photos was rather disappointing, and I remember more the images that I had envisaged than the photos actually made.

I turned to different artistic fields without necessarily succeeding in finding a place there, until I started seriously in photography.

I would have liked to draw, but I feel that is not my domain. Magritte is one of the painters who amaze me the most, straddling reality and imagination… Fairly quickly, I explored music and writing. But the latter seems ungrateful and more tedious to share than the image.

As far as music is concerned, it is above all composition that fascinates me. However, it requires a colossal sum of knowledge and experience, from harmony to orchestration to sound work in self-production… But I continue to work on it today!

In this journey, I finally understood the immense advantage, in my opinion, of photography compared to these other arts: immediacy. I also like the technical support available, the possibility of using very good lenses, of manipulating different lighting, etc. However, I would love to go beyond the sphere of the real, and do “fantastic” photography.

3 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

6 Awards from the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists