BW studio portrait of Var wedding photographer Lawrence Banahan from PACA France
1400+ (EUR)

Lawrence Banahan

Wedding Photojournalist on the French Riviera

Capturing breathtaking wedding stories and emotions in picturesque destinations

I am a French-based photographer living in the south of France and I’m used to traveling all over the world. It only seems fitting that my passion for capturing true love began with a love story of my own. Before my career, my family and my friends, I became acquainted with the object that would change my life forever: the Kodak Instamatic. Like many love stories, this story began in secret. Luckily, a young boy obsessed with capturing his life in a small French village and sneaking out to get his film developed wasn't much of a concern. Since discovering the joy of living with my mother's Kodak Retinette, I have fallen in love with this camera and been impressed by its ability to capture the beauty of the world around me, it's about human emotions, stunning settings or both (my favorite). What was my passion quickly became my training, then my vocation. My childhood fascination has blossomed into a wedding photography business that uses my flair for photojournalism to capture the real moments that reflect the truth of your relationship.