Self portrait of Var marriage photographer Cynthia Arena, of the PACA WPJA
1980+ (EUR)

Cynthia Arena

Thia Photographe

I am a lover of life, I like the smell of damp earth and the feeling of the hot sun on my skin, hearing the laughter, drinking good wine, and sugar. I like to dance while doing my housework, to sing in yogurt alone in my car, to eat barefoot, to spend time outside with my man. He is a farmer who works day in and day out, in the heat of the south, and the cold of winter. Hard work that gives enormous satisfaction. We live in the middle of nature with our animals, a simple life, sometimes difficult but wonderful. It was by looking at family albums with my grandmother when I was a child that photography became an extension of me. A cure of daily happiness. The question of why then becomes essential. It testifies to the importance that the picture took in my life. All those little things that remind us every day that life is short.

1 Awards from the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists