North Yorkshire wedding photographer Laura Ranftler of England, UK
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Laura Ranftler

Hip to Heart Photography

Originally from Lancashire, I'm Laura, a Yorkshire based wedding photographer. For someone who accidentally fell into wedding photography back in 2016, I sure do love it! After working in TV in London, then fashion PR followed by running my own vintage clothing website for 10 years alongside my mum, my hobby of photography unintentionally became my job!
I want my brides & grooms to feel like they have another friend at their wedding rather than a wedding photographer making everyone feel awkward. I want to catch all the moments they miss and I want every guest to feel comfortable around me whilst at the same time, barely even noticing I'm there!
I'm usually booked by couples who love being silly, who want to dance all night and laugh all day. I want to deliver pictures that are full of personality.
I'm also a book cover photographer. I have over 100 published covers around the world so far and I absolutely LOVE it.
I live in the countryside just outside of York with my husband and I'm dog crazy. I offer woodland dog shoots in the Autumn and Winter months and a lot of my wedding couples book me because they want their pup involved in their wedding in some way and they know I'm never happier than when there's a dog (or several) around me!

4 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

3 Awards from the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists

1 TOP Wedding Photographer Titles

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