England wedding reportage photography by Adrian Downing of the United Kingdom
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Adrian Downing

iLoX Photography

I was recently asked what got me into photography to begin with. I honestly can’t remember. It feels as though I’ve had a camera in my hand my whole life (though I’m sure I wasn’t entrusted with one as a toddler!) Wedding wise, I helped a wedding photographer friend out and got hooked. My first solo professional wedding shoot was for a lovely couple at Northcote Manor in Devon. I clicked with the venue immediately and became their preferred photographer, so they recommended me to their couples. I have a lot to thank them for and to this day I remain friends with some of the staff.

Photography is also a hobby. When I’m not photographing weddings, I'm often known to travel for two hours or more to sit in a field all night taking photos of the Milky Way or chasing amazing sunset and sunrises. Other than that, I enjoy Motorsport - F1 in particular and have been out to Abu Dhabi as well as many times to home-grown Silverstone.