Carlos Eduardo Nickel, wedding and elopement photographer for Brazil couples
Photo by: 
Torin Zanette
5000+ (BRL)

Carlos Eduardo Nickel

Cadu Nickel

The journey into photography starts in a sabbatical trip to Japan in 2008.
Visiting the city of Kamakura, where Daibutso stands, Cadu paid attention to a photographer who is trying to take a picture of a tree. Instigated by the fact that the photographer did not take the picture, he decided to talk to him, to find out why he was not shooting.

This photographer explained, that he was waiting for the moment of death. The precise moment when life becomes death. When Cadu look into the camera, he saw a rotten fruit that's was about to fall from the tree. At that moment Cadu realized what he will do for the rest of his life. Take photographs so meaningful in people's lives that they became an immortal legacy.

Back in Brazil, Cadu Nickel continued to study photography and he never stopped.
His work is focused on telling stories through photography.
And you can follow him on Instagram, to know a little bit more about his work.

When he is not photographing, he spends his time, reading, watching movies, and riding a bike.