Rheinland-Pfalz wedding photographer Lina Zagorowski, of Germany
2150+ (EUR)

Lina Zagorowski

LinaGo Photographer

At a very busy point of my life, I`ve decided to stop, slow down and take a look around me...or two. With a coffee in one and an old camera in the other hand. Observing the ordinary, human interactions, small moments, light. I was driven by the need to capture those small situations, which seem to get lost in the rush of everyday life, without expectations and in the moment ...well I`m still looking for them.
The camera got bigger, my passion for photography too and the wish to make photography a serious part of my life, became a clear path.
Today, I`m allowed to be part of the most emotional day of a couples life, to share the big and the small moments with them, to be in the moment with all it`s little stories. I`m looking for emotions, personality, spicing it up with humor and a cheeky grin. Observing and spontaneous.
I love couples who don`t care about "pinterested" conventions, nore the latest "must have wedding shots". Couples who love what they are and are not afraid to show it, who want their wedding pictures to reflect their personality and not a idealised version of it.
I`m a mother of two wild kids, that keep my heart and my washing mashine full. I enjoy the simple things, the little moments- playing and laughing with my children or having time for a nice steaming coffee ...maybe. I take life as it is- imperfectly beautiful every day. And I bake the best apple pie ever...I had to put this somewhere.

2 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography