Rennes wedding photography by Vincent Marquenie of France
Photo by: 
Gardères & Dohmen
1800+ (EUR)

Vincent Marquenie


I live in Rennes, Brittany, and I’m quite proud of it, I must admit! :-) I spend most of my spare time putting the world to rights and laughing with friends down the bars, with a couple glasses of great wine or craft beer, or with my family. I really find interpersonal relationships fascinating and I guess that’s why I love social photography so much.
Being quite a minimalist, I’m more touched by the beauty of moments shared than the beauty of material things. And this is definitively found in my work, as I focus much more on human interaction, people affinities, laughs or emotion, than on decoration details for example.
I’m a bon vivant and humor is part of my personality. (You should be aware of that when you have a look at my website, HaHa!) I like shooting in the heat of the moment and producing immersive pictures, as I believe it helps recalling the feeling of the scene.
No fake, no lies in my work, just sincerity and authenticity!
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2 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography