Seine-et-Marne wedding photography by Michael Vinitzki of Île-de-France /
1600+ (EUR)

Michael Vinitzki

Les Amoureux Photographie

Photographers of marriage based in Seine-et-Marne to Lagny-sur-Marne, we are a pair of lovers in life and behind the lens. What we love are natural and live images that will transcribe the magical atmosphere of your big day as well as the chemistry of your couple through a story. Be yourself, enjoy your day, we will take care of making a unique report!

We are Isabelle and Michael Vinitzki, a married couple and multi-faceted professional photographers.

Our duo combines sensitivity and madness, we thrive on giving the best of ourselves in order to deliver you unique shots full of emotions.

Having organized our wedding ourselves in 2017, we know very well what to do in order to have the most beautiful photographs possible!

So who better than a very friendly duo who already have a ring on their finger to accompany you during this exceptional event that only happens once?

Isabelle, in addition to photography, is a graphic designer by trade and touches very closely the world of marriage, with the creation of matching stationery, but also recently the scenography and the organization of weddings.

Michaël, passionate about photography, autodidact and geek, his tricks are technique and mobility, as stealthy as a ninja, he is everywhere while remaining as discreet as possible (when he is not to laugh...).

We value art in all its forms and especially cinema, so we strive to respect a narrative arc in our shooting process, to give perspective and a cinematic feel to your photos so that you always take so much pleasure to watch them, once the celebration is over and for the long haul.

To sum up, we are lovers: large natural spaces, secular ceremonies, the unconventional, tattoos, rock, beauty, art, elegance, literature, cinema, mysticism, matter and old things.

What we particularly like are the moments of life and we can say that marriage is not the least. Observe you during the interactions you have with your loved ones and it is even better during your wedding and your celebrations. What touches us are your emotions and your spontaneity, during the preparations, in particular, the sparkling gaze of your parents who see you reaching a milestone in your lives, the tear of your best friend during a speech, the little blunders too ... ultimately capture the raw emotions that make these days so special!

More than just image professionals, we act as privileged witnesses and can even advise you on the organization and progress of your wedding in order to optimize your day.

In short, this is what fascinates us in this environment, taking photos by uniting our strengths for a joyful, sometimes offbeat and always tender rendering, delivering snapshots of joy is what really thrills us.

You know our story, we would love to hear yours.

4 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits

3 Awards from the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists