Are you planning a short-notice, small wedding or elopement?

Many couples don’t want to wait. They are planning to get married in the very near future, eloping, or rushing a small ceremony with their photographer, some close friends, and family but dispensing with or postponing the reception party. 

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Madrid documentary wedding photography by Joaquin Sanjurjo of Spain
1500+ (EUR)

Joaquin Sanjurjo

Joaquin Sanjurjo Fotografia

Hello, my name is Joaquín and I am a wedding photographer in Spain.
I live in a quiet town in Madrid and my life revolves around my wife and our passions. One of them is to enjoy life. Something so simple and at the same time so complex ... like photography. Maybe for that reason, I have made it my way of life. I believe blindly that when you work on what you are passionate about, the verb work must be replaced by living. And in that we are. Living.
The most important thing you should know about me, I have already told you. Although you can draw more conclusions with some of these curiosities:

- At the age of 11, my father gave me my first analog camera, an old and damaged Halina Paulette, which I still have and still works hard.

- I am the older brother of two sisters as different and different as their hair.

- The girl I wanted to go out with in high school, turns out to be my wife today. We have more than half of our lives together.

- I like to travel without planning anything, just a map to follow roads or secondary roads and discover places that do not appear in tourist guides.

- One of my favorite films is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and in general, all those where the composers Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Ennio Morricone or James Horner sign the soundtrack.

- I prefer to sleep under a starry sky, than in 5-star hotels. You can ask my family and friends.

- With 8 years I fell off the top bed of a bunk and my nose is no longer the same. Fix yourself when you see me.

- When I want to disconnect completely, my wife and I take the backpack, a camera, some supplies and get lost on any mountain.

- My favorite food is the gachamiga, but you know what it is, I'll tell you that it's like the Spanish omelet, but without egg and potatoes.

- The first time I thought about the importance of documentary photography and its value as a memory, it was after taking a photograph of my wife, who was crying because of a misfortune that had happened to us. I knew he had just crossed a wall.