Wedding Photographer Sabrina Vinci
Photo by: 
Eugenio Orrei
2200+ (EUR)

Sabrina Vinci

Vinci Wedding Photography

I am a solar and sensitive Italian photographer, with a strong vocation for human photography, dedicating myself from a long time to the wedding photography.
In these years I am proud to have told the stories of more than 400 weddings, engagement or incredible moments in their lives.
Two years ago I founded the studio "Vinci Wedding Photography" with my colleague and husband Eugenio.
Loving real situations. New and emotional.
Respecting the event and places. Our style is rich in photojournalism, lifestyle and wedding elegance.
Telling a Marriage and the union of two people is a journey that starts from within and reaches the culture of communities and generations.
Marriage is pure truth.

6 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography