Latvia wedding photography by Marcis Baltskars - Europe WPJA
800+ (EUR)

Marcis Baltskars

Latvia RGA Wedding Photographer

* SONY imaging ambassador
* With 
12 years experience in wedding photography
* Have worked in
 10 countries around the world
* Capturing more than 
300 wedding

I love to work in two wedding photography styles – Reportage or Documentary style and Fine-art / Fashion style.

– Reportage or Documentary style – I am minimal involvement in wedding events. I use my creativity, light, and space to catch the best wedding moments. The main goal of me is to make a story of the wedding by capturing natural and honest moments rather than set up poses.

– Fine-art / Fashion style – Style when I come with my own ideas to create beautiful wedding works, photographs are treated with special care, it certainly looks different than all the rest. And of course photographs where are a lot of details – Beautiful wedding gowns, the dress, rings, decorations, etc.

The formula of Love is different. Some love quietly and shyly, others – loudly and bravely. For some loving the other person means accepting them with all their faults whilst the other chooses to ignore these faults. Every couple who has trusted us to immortalize their special day in front of their friends, family, and God by reciting their vows, could tell their unique tale of love. About the chemistry, respect, passion, habits, trust, and butterflies… We are there to catch this story in moments, feel it in emotions and show it in photographs and wedding films…

3 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography