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Serenay Lokcetin

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Hello Everyone! I have been shooting weddings and elopements for 6 years. When I first attended a wedding as a second shooter, I understood that it was my dream job. It's always a new adventure and every wedding day is full of surprises. I don't know when the light come to my bride and make her shine. So I push myself to get different and creative photos every time. I have a documentary style because I want to be the third eye of my bride and groom. My purpose is to give them special moments of their biggest day. There is no chance to go back, so it's very important for me to show all the emotions. I really believe that everybody should have meaningful photos of their wedding day to remember even years later. My job is my soul mate. Every morning of a photo shoot, when I wake up to the sun, I am covered with the feeling of joy. I love traveling the world and destination weddings very much. Learning new cultures excites me always.

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31 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits

22 Awards from the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists

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Married: 6 years ago


I never realized how emotionally intense a wedding photo shoot can not to mention the busy schedule of the day. Every time I look at the photos I relive those moments and there is always a tear of happiness in my eye. Thank you Serenay for making our day eternal.

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Serenay Lokcetin chronicles small weddings and elopements from beginning to end. In this sense, it is no different from any other wedding day. The emphasis is on documenting key moments, capturing spontaneous displays of emotion, and telling the real story behind the elopement day. Below are wedding elopement story awards for Serenay Lokcetin.