Yohan Bettencourt Wedding Photography
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Julie Verdier
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Yohan Bettencourt

Yohan Bettencourt Photographe

I have been a photographer since 2012. I started taking photos for the birth of my first daughter. Then I liked it so much that I perfected myself, completely self-taught at the start. Until 2021 I was in double activity, my job was an electronics technician, I repaired all types of devices, in particular smartphones. Today I'm 100% in the photo and I really love it! What a pleasure to immortalize wonderful memories. My approach is above all based on discretion. In order to capture on the spot each of your emotions and those of your loved ones. My style is above all based on the natural and on capturing the moments as they really happened. Live, Share, Laugh, Like & Transmit!

2 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

5 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits