Lifestyle portrait of Dez Carpenter of Bokeh Wedding Photography and Film
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Dez Carpenter

Bokeh Photography & Film

My creative journey started in a different area of the wedding industry. For over a decade, I performed in a host of wedding bands in Ireland as a drummer. Unsatisfied with only receiving cocktail sausages, and an amuse bouche of sandwiches as a musician, I decided that I would try wedding photography as a means of obtaining the three course meal.

My journey into wedding photography actually happened without me even noticing. Unknowingly picking up a keen interest from my late father, I took to photography purely as a hobby. This hobby soon became a passion, a love which has only increased over my 5 years in the industry.

I pride myself on providing an alternative, informal, relaxed and fun wedding photography experience. I LOVE shooting in new places, and the wilder the landscape and weather, the better. 
I aim to capture the moments that make up your own personal story, the moments that for years to come will remind you exactly how you felt. I treat every shoot organically and with fresh open eyes. It’s about the weather, light, the setting … but most of all … it’s about you two.

I am available here, there, and everywhere, so if you think we could be a match, I would love to hear from you.