Frankfurt documentary wedding photography by Irina Albrecht of Hesse Germany
750+ (EUR)

Irina Albrecht

As a young girl I discovered the wonderful world of poetry and have been writing poems and short stories ever since. At some point I felt the longing to underline and visualize my "literary treasures" and started painting. But I quickly realized that I simply lacked the talent, the patience and sometimes the muse. In order not to bury my longing, I grabbed my camera and photographed gloomy and pathetic still lifes, flowers and landscapes.

When I had my son Tamino, I developed a fascinating and awe-inspiring view of the human miracle. I started photographing numerous wonderful families. In 2010 my passion became my main job and I studied part-time between 2012 and 2013 at the Wiesbaden Free Art School.

By chance I came across wedding reportage photography and was immediately touched by this profound and emotional type of photography. As a little globetrotter, I now accompany your wedding not only in Frankfurt or the Rhine-Main region, but throughout Europe. I particularly enjoy traveling with my bridal couples to Italy, to Lake Como and to Malta.

It is very important to me that I get to know each of my bridal couples personally before the wedding and we all see whether sympathy develops between us and whether we are on the same wavelength, whether we meet as friends. I only photograph a limited number of weddings a year and I would like to accompany the couples who suit me with their photos on their beautiful day. Every wedding is unique and should be treated as such. I want to touch and move people with my wedding reports.