Nitin Dangwal of Shutterink, a Top India Wedding Photographer
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Sandeep Mohan @ Shutterink
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Nitin Dangwal

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Emotive and Narrative Photography Showcasing Powerful Family Bonds

I am husband to the love of my life and father to a cute little toddler and I am also one of the co-founders of Shutterink. I have realized that being a husband and father has had a great influence on me. For instance, marriage has taught me to listen well and to be patient; this turned out to be most essential trait of being a wedding photographer. Being a father has taught me to be empathetic, to give my kid space to learn of her own, to understand that something that could be a small thing for you like crossing a puddle, could be a big task for someone else; moreover, my kid is teaching me to find moments of joy in every little thing. Most of my life I have been the person who talks relatively less even when I am in group of best-est friends. However I think this has helped me in giving voice to my observations through photographs; showing the human connection, love, affection, the energy that flows around in a wedding environment. I found my photographs convey what I feel during the wedding OR what the bride or the groom or the parents may feel during the wedding. I have been photographing since 2008 and found deep interest in photography since 2010. I started professional wedding photography in 2013 with the establishment of Shutterink. I strive to create images that are strong on emotions, energy, shows family bond. I have a strong interest in creating storytelling images. Over the years I have developed taste in aesthetics, colors and design. These traits have helped Shutterink to create images which feels lively, full of emotions and conveys the story with apt editing.

9 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

17 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits

12 Awards from the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists