Chartres Wedding Photography by Arnaud Delaunay of Eure-et-Loir, Centre-Val de Loire, France
250+ (EUR)

Arnaud Delaunay

Arnaud Delaunay Photographe

I've been 30 for nineteen years now (!!!), I'm married and have two daughters. I grew up between Normandy and the Val de Marne and I am now a professional photographer in Chartres.
You should know one important thing: From a very young age, I wanted to be a cook and I fully intended to delight the taste buds of the people who would come and eat in my restaurant.
Fortunately, life decided otherwise.
I never dreamed of being a photographer, nor of being a business manager. No.
That said, at family gatherings (you know Sunday after coffee!) I've always been drawn to the power of emotion generated by old photos.
My wife will tell you that I'm romantic (she knows me well!), I prefer to say that I like to feel the passion, the tenderness, the emotion and the sentimental reverie that love brings
(well ok... My wife is right I am romantic !).

I am convinced that photos have an important part in the connection between people who love each other. This is why I have chosen to put my sensitivity at the service of your memories. Whether during a photo shoot or at your wedding.

My goal is to allow you to pass on these memories for generations.

Let's be frank, who doesn't dream of showing their future grandchildren how hot grandma was at the time of her marriage???
What if you immortalized the first days of your baby's life?

Why not take pretty couple photos to keep an indelible trace of your love?
Do you find yourself in this description? So I think we'll get along fine...

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