Catania Wedding Photographers

Catania Wedding Photographers

Our Catania photographers also provide documentary-style coverage in: Acireale, Misterbianco, Paternò, Caltagirone, Adrano, Mascalucia, Aci Catena, Belpasso, Giarre, Gravina di Catania, Biancavilla, San Giovanni la Punta, Tremestieri Etneo

Catania Wedding Photography, Engagement Photo Sessions + Elopements

Intimate Wedding Photography in Catania - Capturing the Joy of Small Celebrations - Discover the best Catania photographers specializing in intimate marriages. Couples are embracing the trend of smaller, more meaningful celebrations. Let our talented photographers capture the joy and intimacy of your wedding day.

By planning a simple Catania elopement, couples are able to stay present in the moment and fully absorb the impact of their wedding day. Given the fact that many couples feel more natural and at ease in intimate settings, it's no surprise that some of the most breathtaking wedding images come from elopements.

The WPJA has an abundance of top-ranked, Catania documentary wedding photographers available right now who understand that some weddings and elopements can’t wait. Find yours today!

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Catania Photographers for Large or Small Weddings

Shooting an elopement or small Catania wedding event is a wedding photojournalist’s dream: a fairly open schedule with lots of breathing space for creativity – it’s just the photographer, the couple, the officiant, and perhaps a few select companions.

Sicily WPJA members are ready to document any small, themed, pop-up, or elopement wedding, even if it is a Monday-Thursday ceremony. Search for the “Can Shoot Weddings on Short Notice!” message on the listings below.

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Salvo Moroni, a wedding photojournalist based in Sicily, specializes in capturing moments with his unobtrusive style. With 15 years of experience, he passionately immortalizes the emotions of the day, creating dynamic and timeless wedding images. Salvo also extends his...

2000 (EUR)

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Catania Wedding, Elopement and Engagement Images by WPJA Photographers

Below are some Catania wedding photography samples from the world’s best wedding photographers of the WPJA. Some of these Catania marriage pictures might be artistic portraits, details, or documentary-style images that have come from getting ready sessions, wedding ceremonies, reception venues, or Catania engagement portrait sessions with couples.

Emotional black and white wedding image in Belpasso capturing a tender moment between the bride and her parents, frozen in time.
A bride filled with emotion as she sees her groom waiting for her on their wedding day at Viagrande - Radura dei Sogni venue.
Wedding day moment: groom patiently being helped with his tie by friends at home in Acireale, Italy.
A happy couple happily walks among guests at the conclusion of their wedding ceremony at Santa Venerina - i Giardini di Villa Fago, as captured in this picturesque venue setting.
Aci Catena - Church of Sant'Anna's Hermitage: The joyful and blissful expression on the bride's face as she takes part in the traditional rice throwing at the end of the ceremony.
The joy in the smile of the bride's friend as she puts the ring on her finger at Santa Venerina - I Giardini di Villa Fago.
In a touching display of affection, a bride and her mother share a tender moment that could easily be mistaken for a scene from a beautiful painting at Belpasso
The bride's aunt guides the young flower girl on how to present the wedding rings to the couple, captured by a talented wedding photojournalist at the charming Santa Venerina - I Giardini di Villa Fago.
Outside the Acireale - Madonna di Loreto Sanctuary, the spouses are happy at the end of the wedding ceremony
A documentary wedding photographer in Catania captured this picture of bridesmaids captivated by the beauty of the bride and her dress
Riserva Naturale Orientata La Timpa outdoor marriage ceremony award-winning image showing These spouses are walking along a nature path and a woman waiting to become a mother looks at them with a satisfied air as they pass in front of them.
The Italy WPJA is the alternative to traditional wedding images and is pleased to present this inspiring wedding photography example from Maria SS. del Rosario e San Rocco in Catania of the IT bride and groom showing expressions during indoor ceremony

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can couples find Catania photographers for pre-wedding engagement portraits?
A: The WPJA issues Diamond Awards for Catania wedding photographers to showcase their best engagement photography work. These awards are given to photographers who prove that they have an ability to be creative, artistic, and intuitive while working on-location with couples who are newly engaged.
Q: How can couples find top-ranked Catania wedding photographers?
A: The WPJA created the original wedding photographer ranking systems. Our innovative system is based on contest winning points, meaning that the Catania photographers you see at the top of your search results page have recently won the most — and the most recent — contest awards. Our contests judge photographers based on their creativity, style, composure, and ability to capture the heart of any couple's story on their wedding day.
Q: How can couples find reviews of Catania wedding photographers?
A: We call them Client Letters. At the WPJA, we decided more than 20 years ago to avoid incorporating those third-person testimonials and endorsements that are found all too often in advertisements. Instead, we elevated our listings with the use of Client Letters, which represent the actual words and feelings of the clients who booked those Catania wedding photographers for their own wedding.
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Michela & Davide

Photo by Salvo Moroni

Hello Salvo, how are you? We good; between Easter holidays and various bridges, the album of our wedding has already made more than 2000 km up and down Italy. Friends and relatives have relived with us that special day, which you have been able to capture with a careful eye. And for us to browse that album every time is an emotion. Needless to say that one of the most popular photos was the one with the lady who "sibafa" the granita at the Bam Bar in Taormina ... ;-) Arranging a wedding at a distance for us was not easy. We searched for a long time before finding someone who could interpret and tell our special day. In the end, we arrived at the Wedding Photojournalist Association website ... and we found you! Since the first meeting, you have understood exactly what we were looking for and, therefore, we can not but tell you infinitely thanks! A warm hug and a big good luck for your work, Michela and Davide

Valentina e Giuseppe

Photo by Salvo Moroni

Dear Salvo ... I really want to thank you ... once again for the immense gift you gave us ... light flames ... fixed on paper ... This is .... Yet very few can capture feeling, tension, emotion, like you ... giving it to you forever .... We were very lucky to meet you! ... ... In the whirlwind of anxiety and worries that precede marriage ... fear of not finding who would interpret our desires to the fullest ... who would not trivialize such an important moment, standardizing it like so many or almost all photographers who make their art just a job ... We discovered you by chance ... electrocuted by one of your photos on display outside your studio ... on a hot May day .... leaving us entranced by the "Sicilian" that transmitted that image ... .. We had no doubts ... it was what we wanted for our wedding! ... you were really !! And so, by making your acquaintance we have discovered, besides your skill, a kind, sensitive and incredibly professional man! What about ... we were more 'SATISFIED than your work .... Punctuality and reliability, as well as total dedication in satisfying our needs to perfection are now rare characteristics .... What we found in you! Our album is always with us ... a continuous pleasure for the eyes and for the soul ... a pride for us to have embellished thanks to your beautiful shots our day ... Thanks again for all! With affection Valentina and Giuseppe

Chiara e Gianluca

Photo by Salvo Moroni

Hello Salvo, how are you? I wanted to thank you for the gift you gave us, the photos are wonderful and the effect they have on those who see them is spectacular. There are those who are moved, someone came the goosebumps ... in short, a hit! Telling a good story is a challenge. If, then, it is a love story and you have to tell it through images, the challenge becomes interesting and important. Accept this challenge with elegance, privacy and professionalism. Through your shots, you find yourself waiting anxiously for the arrival of the bride, to move you when you meet the gaze of a happy mother, to laugh with gusto, to taste the delights of the table, to smile gently when the couple look at each other lovers. Every picture is a surprise that makes you curious to discover the next one. It is marvel in the pure state. And, when you get to the last picture, you're satisfied at the end of a wonderful day. Telling a beautiful love story is a challenge you face by creating an intimate masterpiece for your spouses. We can only say thank you again, thanks sincerely and wholeheartedly. See you soon. Chiara and Gianluca.