Image of Jody Priour, a Calvados Normandy wedding photographer in France
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Jody Priour

• Jody Priour • Photographe

I am 28 years old, and I have already had a busy professional life, in electricity, driving school and autonomous homes. After having lived in Brittany, I made the choice to live fully according to my convictions and my passions in Normandy. I appreciate the hilly landscapes of the Suisse Normande and the cliffs of the coast which allow me to practice my favorite activity, paragliding. With the help of local craftsmen, I build a wooden house that is self-sufficient in water and electricity.

Despite my attachment to this adopted region, I spend several weeks a year wandering around to discover the landscapes of France. It was during a trip to the Alps and surrounded by friends that I immersed myself in photography, with a desire to immortalize these past moments and these emotions experienced.

1 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

11 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits