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Shaun Carr

Shaun James Carr Photography | Buckinghamshire Weddings


Capturing Authentic Moments and Real Memories for Unconventional Couples

I’m Shaun. I live with my partner Louise in a tiny little cottage right in the middle of Woburn Sands. I am absolutely passionate about wedding photography. I struggled for many years trying to force myself into moulds that wouldn’t fit and for a long time I thought I was cursed to walk the road of the unfulfilling office job forever - living for the weekend and just existing. But at the tender young age of 30, after a strange sequence of events, I shot my first wedding. And then I was hooked. I’m inflicting this self-indulgent waffle on you because I want you to understand how important each and every wedding is to me and how that affects you. This isn’t just a job. It’s a lifestyle. A way that I can express myself and do something that matters. To live a life worth living. And it’s you and your trust in me that makes that happen. I want to repay that. I will always give you 110%. I’ll pour my heart and soul into providing you with the best possible wedding photographs that I can. These pictures that I create for you are my mark on the world and your once-in-a-lifetime memories. I take that seriously.

1 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography