BW portrait of Belluno, Veneto Wedding Photographer Alex Zaetta of Italy
150/hour (EUR)

Alex Zaetta

Alex Zaetta Photo | Belluno Marriage Images

Professional Photographer from Belluno Captures Wedding Moments

My name is Alex, born in 1992 at the foot of the Dolomites more precisely in Belluno, passionate about photography since I was a child, I started a bit for fun, and over time it became a job. I have dedicated myself to landscape photography for years, photographing during the day, at night, sunrises and sunsets, you had plenty of time to frame correctly and set up the camera before doing "CLICK" this is how I learned the basics of this fantastic world. My mission is to tell your moments, instants, and stories that deserve to be remembered and relived over and over again. My technique, experience and perception in the moment are constantly improving. The desire is to put you at ease and create a friendly atmosphere, simply by listening to you while you explain your ideas to me. After that, I will create photographs that transform your words into images, also proposing my alternative vision to implement your request.