Documentary Wedding Photography by Christian Stumpf
1250+ (EUR)

Christian Stumpf

DE Wedding Reportage Photos

Having lived in London for four years, Christian speaks English pretty well, but now he lets his photos speak for themselves. He lives in Heidelberg, Germany at present, but is available for weddings around the world. You will find many examples of his work on his website.

Please do not hesitate to ask him for further information or an offer. He wants to reply in English.

Living in Heidelberg, Christian Stumpf works as a wedding photographer throughout Germany and internationally. The focus of his photographic work is on emotional and authentic wedding reports. In the middle but still as invisible as possible, is his motto.

In addition to capturing great emotions, but also the details and the quiet moments of a wedding, he puts as much emphasis on modern and stylish wedding portraits. In addition to precisely staged elements, creativity and spontaneity also play a major role.

Many years of experience in wedding photography allow him to respond to any situation spontaneously and to perpetuate long-lasting, unique memories for you under rapidly changing, sometimes difficult conditions in his pictures.

Further insights into his work and examples of his wedding reports can be found on his website.