Antwerpen wedding and elopement photography by Sanne De Block, of Flanders, Belgium
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Annelies Gailliaert
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Sanne De Block

Sanne De Block Photography

I remember being about 9 years old and having the worst Christmas ever.
For everyone, it seemed the most jolly time of the year, but I always felt very alone.
My mom and I used to go to the midnight mass of our local church and on our way there, I used to peer through other people's windows. What I saw was: happy families, warmth, cosiness, a true Coca-Cola Christmas commercial. I think this experience triggered my interest in other people's life.
Through my work, I get access to the very core of who people are.

It made me realize that every single person in the world struggles with something and that what you see on the outside is not necessarily what people feel on the inside. That's why I take pride in telling real stories. Thanks to my documentary way of shooting weddings, I want to show others that imperfection is the most human thing there is. It should be something to be celebrated and not to be hidden by pretending we have everything in our lies sorted out.

I like to tell the full story of a wedding day. The good, the bad, and the ugly (but also the beauty of it).
For me, it's more about the in-between moments than anything else. Sure, there will be a "first" kiss and a cake cutting and a walking down the aisle. But those moments are more tradition than that they make you, you. For me, it's about a cheeky wink from you best friend. It's about the grandparents being able to attend. About the flower girls acting out and everything in between.

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