Venice, Italy, Private Balcony Elopement Photo Story Award

Groom and bride exchange marriage rings at private balcony destination wedding ceremony

Groom slips ring on brides finger at balcony wedding ceremony

Much to the delight of his bride, the groom slips the ring on her finger at the conclusion of their balcony ceremony in Venice.

The bride and groom traded the deserts of Arizona for the whimsical canals of Venice, opting to exchange vows in total privacy on the balcony of a small flat in the city. They surprised their parents by placing a video call from Venice, and giving them a front row virtual seat to their wedding. 

Detail wedding photo from Venice of bride and groom rings on a picture book of Italy

IT professional detail wedding photography in Venice of bride and groom rings

With the rings strategically placed on a Venice picture book, this detail shot captures the simplicity and romance of the day.

Groom is getting prepared in Venice before his destination wedding on a balcony overlooking historic Italy

BW photography of groom getting prepared in Venice before his destination wedding

As the sunlight and shadows create a poetic atmosphere, the groom looks into the distance as he readies himself for the wedding ceremony.

In BW, a picture of the bride preparing for a destination wedding ceremony in Venice, Italy

Bride preparing for her amazing destination wedding in Venice, Italy

After slipping into her flowing gown, the bride admires the sparkling details of her wedding veil before the ceremony begins.

View from a groom before a private balcony intimate wedding ceremony in Venice IT

Groom standing on a private balcony before his beautiful intimate wedding in Venice IT

With the Venetian sunshine casting a warm glow on the day, the groom looks down into the city below as he waits to see his bride for the first time.

The bride walks to her groom at their balcony destination wedding in Venice IT

From a balcony in Venice, the bride enters her destination wedding

The bride takes her first steps onto the balcony and into the sunlight, knowing that her future husband is waiting for her.

The bride and groom are reading their wedding vows on a balcony in Venice Italy

Bride and groom on balcony in Venice reading wedding vows

The bride reads the vows that she composed herself during the wedding ceremony. The intimate nature of the event brings the groom to tears, as he absorbs the words that she is professing to him.

Rooftop wedding ceremony laughing by the bride and groom in Venice, Italy

Rooftop wedding ceremony laughs in the heart of Venice, Italy

The bride and groom erupt into fits of laughter and elation as they realize that they are now bound to one another for a lifetime — it's truly the happiest moment of their lives.

Destination wedding portrait of bride and groom in Venice after balcony ceremony in Italy

Wedding couple portrait in Venice after rooftop wedding in Italy

This romantic portrait, taken in the heart of a typical Venetian neighborhood rather than in front of one of the city's most iconic sites, symbolizes that there is beauty in the ordinary. It showcases that the true power of marriage lies within the confines of everyday life.