Union City Hall, New Jersey Elopement Photo Story Award

bride and groom posing during intimate portrait session at their restaurant reception

Portrait of the Couple from an Urban Wedding at a City Hall

With the red lights and floral arrangements at the restaurant casting a romantic glow, the bride and groom pose for a passionate portrait at their wedding reception.

After years of testing their strength and endurance by making their love stretch across long distances, Dayna and Felix finally decided to take the leap into marriage by eloping at Union City Hall in New Jersey. With only their immediate family members in attendance, the couple enjoyed a wedding day that was private, intimate and still filled with a few surprises.

As they were walking from the ceremony to the restaurant for their reception, a stranger on the streets offered the couple the use of his rooftop that boasted panoramic views of the New York City skyline. For a couple whose relationship was truly global, it was only fitting that they would pose for portraits on the top of the world.

After this unexpected wedding gift, the newlyweds moved on toward the restaurant, where they celebrated with family members and friends long into the night.

NJ Groom Gets Tie Fixed Outdoors Pre Marriage Ceremony at Union City Hall

Groom Before Wedding Ceremonies at Union City, NJ

Felix's mother fixes his tie and ensures that he looks every bit the part of a dapper groom before he enters the Union City Hall building for his wedding ceremony. As he looks off into the distance, it's clear that Felix is ready to take this next step.

A New Jersey Bride Arrives to the Civil Ceremony by Auto at Union City Hall

New Jersey Bride Celebrations Before Ceremony at City Hall

Smiling brightly, Dayna arrives for her wedding ceremony at the Union City Hall in a fun-loving mood.

New Jersey couple first look before their civil marriage ceremony in Union City

The couple standing outside the Wedding Hall Union City, NJ

As Dayna steps toward her groom while holding her bridal bouquet, Felix gasps as he glimpses his bride for the first time. She has literally taken his breath away.

Ring Exchange Ceremony During a Civil Marriage at Union City Hall, NJ

Wedding Detail of Ring Ceremony at a Union City, NJ Marriage

The groom slips the bride's ring onto her finger during the elopement ceremony at city hall. Dayna casts her eyes down on the ring, knowing that it symbolizes their eternal bond to one another.

NJ Couple Kisses at Courthouse Wedding inside Union City Hall

Couple Kiss After the Courthouse Wedding Vows at the NJ City Hall Wedding

With their immediate family members looking on, Felix and Dayna share their first sweet and simple kiss as husband and wife.

Union City Hall Post Ceremony Kiss for the NJ Bride and Groom

Union City Hall Husband and Wife Kiss Outside After Ceremony

As the newlyweds take their first steps as husband and wife outside of the Union City Hall, their family members and friends greet them with bubbles. As the bubbles float, burst and pop around them, the bride and groom sneak in yet another kiss.

Bride and Groom taking a walk with their dog following Union City Hall, NJ Wedding

Couple Walking a Dog After Union City Hall, New Jersey Wedding Ceremony

Before they head to their wedding reception at Dayna's favorite restaurant, the couple stops by their apartment to see their dogs and take them for a walk through the city's streets.

Weehawken NJ Rooftop Wedding Portrait With City Skyline

Weehawken NJ Couple Portrait on an Urban Apartment Rooftop

One of the most touching moments of the day was when a total stranger offered the couple the use of their apartment rooftop so that they could pose for photos against the city's skyline. This portrait proves that this couple conquered the world in order to be together for a lifetime.