San Galgano Abbey, Tuscany, Italy Elopement Photo Story Award

Bride and groom exchanging wedding vows at a beautiful abbey with open roof

The happy couple exchanged their marriage vows beneath sky, in a beautiful Abbey

The blissful couple exchanged their vows beneath the Tuscan sky, in the beautiful San Galgano Abbey Church.

"This is the wedding story of Gareth and Martina, a young and brilliant Italian-English couple, super cat lovers like me, who after the wedding confessed to choosing me, as well as for the photos, for the sentence read on my FB profile "Photojournalist. I love high heels and speak a purring, loving language with cats."

Arriving from Wales, in love with Tuscany, Gareth and Martina got married at the magical Abbey of San Galgano, in the province of Siena, with a very emotional and well-attended civil ceremony. To share their most beautiful day, a small group of relatives, their closest friends and the inseparable and elderly cat Schrödinger, to whom I dedicated many shots, probably the ones most appreciated by the couple!"

At a Tuscany wedding the brides dress hung near vintage ladder against stone wall

The bride's gown hung near a vintage ladder against a backdrop of a stone wall

The wedding dress, a symbol of hope and promise, hung gracefully against the ancient stone wall, near a vintage ladder of timeless beauty.

Italian groom adjusts tie in window of Tuscany's Tenuta di Papena, his back to view of courtyard

Groom readjusts tie in villa's window, his back to the picturesque courtyard

At Tenuta di Papena of Tuscany, the groom stands in a window, framed by the idyllic view of the courtyard below, carefully adjusting his tie.

Family cat added to ambiance in a Tuscany bridal suite during the getting ready

Schrödinger, an older feline, was an inextricable part of the wedding prep for the couple

The beloved old cat Schrödinger, directly from Wales. was the inseparable wedding guest during the couple's preparations.

Happy Italian bride with bridesmaids posing in Tuscany's Tenuta di Papena beneath hanging wedding dress

Bride in Tuscany has fun with bridesmaids, playing and posing under her stunning wedding dress

The bride joyfully revels in her bridesmaids' company, playfully posing below her beautiful gown that billows above her.

Couple is happily celebrating outside the San Galgano Abbey as guests shower them with rice

Guests cheered as the newlyweds exited the abbey, basking in sunshine and showered with rice

The sun shines brightly on San Galgano Abbey as guests shower the newlyweds with rice, blessing their union with joy and hope.

Photo of bride and groom kissing by pool at Tenuta di Papena, Tuscany, reflecting sky and clouds from above

The bride and groom share romantic kiss, hands entwined, by poolside

The couple kisses over the reflection pool, hands clasped, soft ripples diffusing sky and clouds mirrored above.

Picture of bride and grooms first dance in black and white at venue Tenuta di Papena, Tuscany, Italy

Couple's first dance bathed in soft white light

The couples' romantic embrace was captured in beautiful black and white, with strings of lights illuminating their first dance at Tenuta di Papena, Tuscany - a truly idealistic setting.