Stafford County Buildings, Staffordshire, UK Elopement Photo Story Award

Intimate civil marriage ceremony picture of bride and groom kissing by fireplace

Picture from an intimate, personal marriage ceremony with close family

This was not a couple that basked in the glory of attention — which is why they wanted an intimate, personal ceremony with only their closest family members and friends. When it was time for them to share their first kiss as husband and wife, they felt completely natural and at ease, which allowed them to delight in the authenticity of the moment.

Jordan and Richard are a camera-shy couple. They had a limited budget, but a huge love for each other that grew after years together. They opted for a micro-wedding in Stafford with only a handful of close family present.

They were looking for someone to capture their day without posing or awkwardness, but they were, in spite of that, full of fun. The day began in the white room at the registry office in the Stafford County Buildings. The impressive tent and bag chandelier had drawn their attention when they visited. Their closest family sat around on leather sofas to watch their short ceremony, with a private reading from one of the guests. They signed the register bathed in sunlight by the window, before a small confetti moment outside and a wander through town for couple portraits and their 'wedding breakfast' - Big Macs.

Stafford UK wedding picture from an intimage civil marriage ceremony in the White Room

Stafford detail wedding photography from a UK civil marriage ceremony

Jordan's sister was charged with presenting the rings during the ceremony. As she waited for her big moment, she clasped the ring box anxiously in her hands — she knew she had to be ready when the time came. 

UK civil ceremony at the Stafford, County Building during an elegant event for family

A ceremony picture from a Stafford, County Building elegant wedding venue

Once they were holding hands and looking into each other's eyes during the ceremony, Jordan and Richard felt all of the pressures of wedding planning slip away. It was as if they were the only two people in the room, and they were solely focused on one another.

Stafford County Building Marriage Detail Photography Details

County Building Marriage Detail Pic from a Historic Wedding in Stafford

The groom's step-mother shared a reading during the ceremony, adding a touch of tradition to the event.

Wedding ceremony moment with bride crying at the County Buildings in Staffordshire, UK

The UK bride gets emotional during her White Room, Stafford County Buildings wedding vow exchange

Consumed with the magnitude of the moment, Jordan wells up with tears as Richard says his vows.

UK couple signing marriage license certificate at a Stafford civil ceremony

The couple sign the marriage license, or marriage certificate after their Stafford ceremony

With the autumn sunlight bathing them in a golden glow, Jordan and Richard sign the marriage documents.

Stafford wedding couple under outdoor confetti showers in the United Kingdom

Wedding guests toss colorful confetti over the UK bride and groom outside the Stafford County Buildings, Stafford

Outside of the wedding venue, the small gathering of guests showered the couple in colorful confetti. While they aren't the type for grand, romantic gestures, they took advantage of the opportunity to hide among the glittering confetti and look into one another's eyes. It became a haven for them, for a few brief moments in time.

Wedding Portrait of Bride and Groom at the Riverside Stafford Town Centre in the UK

Riverside of Stafford Town Centre Wedding Portrait near the Shops and Restaurants

Exuding effortless grace and class, the newlyweds pose for a modern wedding portrait that was framed by sleek, architectural lines.

United Kingdom bride and groom enjoying Big Mac's in Stafford

Bride and groom toasting outside the McDonalds of Stafford, UK

Forget champagne — this couple toasted one another with towering Big Mac's from the McDonald's in Stafford. On the surface, it feels like a quirky, fun-loving moment — but what it proves is that this couple is willing to do what it takes to remain true to themselves.