St. Lucia Bungalow Elopement Photo Story Award

St. Lucia Beach Elopement image of The bride and groom in a small, overwater bungalow

On a sunny day, the perfect setting for a joyous and momentous occasion, the bride and groom shared their vows in a beautiful overwater bungalow, creating a dreamy backdrop to their intimate small wedding ceremony

The bride and groom tie the knot in a small, overwater bungalow.

Sometimes things go “wrong” at weddings. Most of the time, it’s little things, like the ring bearer refusing to walk down the aisle when it’s go-time. Other times, it’s bigger things, like an eye infection, a sister with a broken leg, and a rogue sea urchin. But the true test of a couple is how they handle adversity. Based on how Ashley and Mitch handled these bigger problems at their St. Lucia destination wedding, I think they’re going to be just fine.

But let’s rewind to last September, when I first hopped on the phone with Ashley. At that point, they were still planning on getting married in Colorado, so we talked about everything from venue ideas to how crazy it can be to plan a wedding to how Mitch is “the funny one.”

Then we got the news that they scrapped the Colorado wedding idea and planned to elope in St. Lucia with a small group of their closest friends and family. Obviously, we offered to travel with them, but that’s a pretty big commitment, so I was bracing myself to be let down. So when we started talking about what that would entail, how the travel would work, and we began to make real, tangible plans to make it happen, I was back on cloud nine!

We got to witness firsthand how much fun Ashley and Mitch are to hang out with during their ice cave Alt Session earlier this year. Ashley always has some fantastic surprise up her sleeve. So far, we’ve seen her secretly arrange a dinosaur costume first look, an over-the-water bungalow, and a late-night fire dancing show. Mitch is not only confirmed as “the funny one,” he’s also the life of every party. And both of them would go to great lengths to make sure everyone they know is having a fantastic time. Jesse and I have learned from experience that kick-ass people like Ashley and Mitch also tend to attract awesome friends. So after their Alt Session, we couldn’t wait to party with the crew that Ashley and Mitch were bringing to St. Lucia for their celebration!

On top of all these amazing qualities, and the fact that they’re just a gorgeous couple, the really amazing thing about Ashley and Mitch is that not only did they let all the wedding crises roll off their backs, they also kept everyone else laughing and having a great time. They made all those big ugly problems suddenly feel small and insignificant. And at the end of the day, don’t we all want a partner in life who can help us tackle insurmountable obstacles with a smile and a laugh? And maybe that person will also surprise us with an over-the-water bungalow?

St. Lucia Elopement groom hanging out and drink beer in the pool

St. Lucia Elopement Fun Image | groom and groomsmen hang out and drink beer in the pool

The groom and groomsmen hang out and drink beer in the pool before the ceremony.

Beach Elopement Ceremony photo - St. Lucia mothers of the bride at the ceremony

Elopement Ceremony Image from St. Lucia | The mothers of the bride hold hands during the ceremony

The "mothers of the bride" hold hands during the ceremony.

St. Lucia Beach Elopement Ceremony laughs at the bungalow ceremony

Black and White Ceremony Photo at St. Lucia | officiant butchers the groom's name

Everyone laughs and the officiant butchers the groom's name.

Sunset Elopement Cruise in St. Lucia - Image of The bride and groom on the boat

Sunset Elopement Couple Portrait in St. Lucia | The bride and groom-to-be watching the sunset

The bride and groom-to-be watching the sunset over the Caribbean.

St. Lucia Wedding image from the reception party of a lap dance

Sunset Elopement Reception Party in St. Lucia | A groomsmen gives his wife a lap dance in the middle of the dance floor

A groomsmen gives his wife a lap dance in the middle of the dance floor. She had broken her leg two days earlier, so this was the only form of dancing she was able to partake in.

St. Lucia wedding image of a fire breather at a night beach event

St. Lucia Elopement Reception Fire eater | A firebreather performs for the small group

A firebreather performs for the small group to cap off the night.

St. Lucia Sunset Wedding image with cocktails on a catamaran cruise

St. Lucia Elopement Wedding at Sunset | cocktails on a sunset catamaran cruise

Wedding guests enjoy cocktails on a sunset catamaran cruise.

Sunset Wedding beach portrait in the waters of St. Lucia

St. Lucia Elopement Couple Beach Portrait at Sunset | The newlyweds take a romantic sunset swim

The newlyweds take a romantic sunset swim in the Caribbean.